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Releasing an Album with Seven Eight Records in Nine Simple Steps

1. Submit a recording

Prospective clients first submit a fully mastered recording along with a brief project description to Seven Eight Records for review. We do not make recordings. This approach eliminates the high costs of travel often associated with recording projects and allows each artist to work with the recording engineer of their own choosing.

2. Accept our invitation and select a release package

If we determine that Seven Eight Records is a good partner for your project, then we will invite you to sign with the label and select four one of four release packages.

3. Submit other materials

We will then send you a detailed materials submission checklist that includes items like head shots, liner notes, and design/artwork preferences.

4. Sign your contract

Once we have received all of your materials, you will receive a contract which transfers ownership of the recording to Seven Eight Records, allowing us to distribute the album, as well as the total price for a given project.

5. Pay your retainer invoice

You will then receive the first of two invoices for 50% of the quoted price for your project. Upon receipt of payment, Seven Eight Records will design your album and corresponding page on our company website.

6. Review materials

When your album design is complete, you will receive a set of proofs for approval. If necessary, we will then make revisions before the album is released to the disc printers.

7. Pay your production invoice

After approving all design elements, we will then send you a second invoice for the remainder of your project. Once paid, we will send the finished album materials to the disc printers and digital distributors.

8. Estimate of manufacturing time

At this point, you will receive an estimate of the manufacture time of your discs.

9. Approve your digital release date

A digital release date is then set to correspond with social media announcements. Seven Eight Records promotes each of our albums and actively solicits reviews. That's it!

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