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Why you should release an album with
Seven Eight Records


Founded by two musicians in 2019, Seven Eight Records is a new, independent classical music record label designed to make the process of releasing an album simple, affordable, fast, and effective. Using web-based disc printing and digital distribution services, we have developed an innovative approach to help musicians connect their art with discerning connoisseurs and the general public alike.


The prospect of releasing a commercial recording can seem daunting. Many artists are unsure how even to begin. Accordingly, we have charted a clear path from idea to release that is simple to understand and easy to follow. We make releasing an album enjoyable.


Additionally, we believe that releasing an album should always be affordable. With significant up-front cost savings through transparently priced release packages and en emphasis on digital distribution over expensive disc production, our clients enjoy a significant cost savings compared with traditional labels. Using our suggested strategies for disc sales, some clients may find their total project can be made revenue neutral.


Seven Eight Records has streamlined the process of releasing an album such that our turnaround time for most projects is measured in weeks not months.


As of 2018, digital streaming and downloads account for 90% of the total revenue generated by the record industry. Digital media is the way contemporary audiences overwhelmingly choose to hear recordings. We fully embrace this trend as a positive development for classical music. Offering both affordability for the artist and the ability to connect with the widest possible audience by eliminating the purchase barrier of a physical disc, digital distribution ensures that your music will be heard by established and new audiences, not linger as unsold inventory.

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